What We Do



You bring the field dreams from your school and community to us.



We will help you include the features and layout that will make your customized field last. Your school logo and other field elements will be made up of varying hues of turf fibers woven into the field itself.



We have all the equipment needed to excavate the site, including removal of old turf and infill. Most of the work happens during this phase, making sure your site has a firm foundation and excellent drainage.



The infill and turf come together to make dreams take shape. The same boots that walked with you through the dream and design phases are on the ground making sure every detail comes together. You can be confident knowing your trusted experts are bringing everything together with meticulous attention to detail.



We stand by every field we install with a warranty. We will help you take care of your field so your school and community get full use for years to come. We also offer a maintenance program. Click here to learn more.

How We do it

You can trust we are on the line with you to make the most of your new field, from the first meeting, to the final touches and beyond.

Your vision will take shape before your eyes through our specialized 3D rendering technology. Every detail will be designed to meet the specifications of your project.

When work begins, you can rest easy knowing the same people who walked with you through the conception process are on the job site bringing the details together with precision. Your field will materialize under our equipment, know-how and commitment to quality.

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