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Even small actions can make a BIG difference

Woolly mammoth

Woolly Farms Foundation

Woolly mammoth

The Woolly Farms Foundation was founded by Mammoth’s owners to serve individuals with diverse needs and abilities by creating inclusive programs centered around community involvement; access to purposeful employment; and opportunities for building meaningful relationships and social skills. The organization is a nonprofit located in Jefferson County, Kansas. A portion of proceeds from every Mammoth project goes to support Woolly Farms.

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Team member cleaning up yard

Strength For Service

Team member cleaning up yard

We strive to be a positive force in our communities and in the world. As our business has grown, we believe it is both a responsibility and a privilege to give back. Mammoth donates funds each year to charitable causes and programs. Through Strength For Service, our employees are given the chance to lend a helping hand with community service projects. Each opportunity is a chance to return the gifts given to us by your community.

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