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What we do

We believe the power of sport can bring communities together and inspire generations.




Skillful Buildsshare


Mammoth Consulting professionals have walked the walk and can talk the talk. We fully understand your struggles because we’ve been there, too. We’ve worked in and built successful, competitive athletics programs of all shapes and sizes throughout the country. We’ll tell you what we see in other facilities of your size and structure. We’ll share our recommendations for how you and your team can improve. Then, we’ll build a plan together to help you become successful. Campus visits. One-on-one coaching. A roadmap to success. That’s the Mammoth difference.


From your brand to your build, Mammoth creative teams partner with you to uncover the values and details that make you who you are. Our favorite work showcases you at your best. Art is subjective, but skill speaks for itself. Our creative and design teams tackle the biggest names in the industry to tell their stories from a place of authenticity. Our mantra: Think big, be bold, and make a statement. It’s not just about making something look cool — it’s about meeting your needs through purpose-driven creative solutions. We make smart plans actionable, and our finished projects can be seen in every corner of the country.


Mammoth construction crews are built differently. They’ve worked on the most famous fields and fairways in the nation. And they’re always up for the next challenge. The same people who walked you through the conception process are on the jobsite bringing the details together with precision. Self-performing every step of the construction allows us to streamline budgets and timelines, while improving communication. It’s not about bragging rights. It’s about doing it right. Our partnership doesn’t end when the punch list is complete. We remain committed to every community we serve and perform ongoing maintenance on projects for years to come.

There Is Nothing We Can't Do Together



Work With A Team That Shares Your Dream

Mammoth’s team is made up of coaches, athletes, parents, and fans. We know the challenges you face because we have lived them. Our insightful planning is led by a consulting team that has decades of success at the highest levels of athletics.


Find Inspiration In Unexpected Places

True creativity is not a measure of artistic ability. It is the act of solving challenges using the gifts and tools the world has given you. Our inspirational solutions are delivered by a creative team who listens first and considers your success the true goal.


Skillful Craftsmanship Meets An Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence

Clients trust us to build their most significant projects. They put energy, time, and money into our partnership and we don’t take that for granted. Each project is a chance for us to show up and show out.
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A Herd Ready To Serve

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We are makers, movers, machine operators, artists, innovators, competitors, and builders. Our story is the story of people who view the current finish line as their next starting line.

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