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100 Years Of History In Three Words

Hayden High School celebrates more than 100 years of tradition and the city’s best graduation rates. Despite that success, the school recorded a decline in enrollment for six consecutive years. Then, in the year following Hayden’s rebrand launch, enrollment increased 20%. A group of students stopped by our office to personally thank the team for the new sense of excitement and pride the work created within their school. That’s what makes it all worth it.

Hayden High School Band

Schools Are Competing Off The Field, Too

Hayden High School Band

A school is judged by more than the performance of its athletics teams. It’s judged by its size, location, culture, academic excellence, and variety of opportunities offered. Another big factor for students? They want to go to school with their friends. Hayden’s brand revamp needed to show why it is the choice for private high school in Topeka.

Enrollment Decisions

Students are more involved in their school choice than ever before. This requires schools to appeal to students, as well as parents. A school rich in history and opportunity has an advantage, as long as it chooses to showcase those accolades. Hayden’s new image needed to encompass all of its value, from the classroom to the field.

Traditions Run Deep

School photos line the walls. Entire families attend Friday night games. Private schools often have generations of families as alums, and Hayden is no different. It’s about leaving a legacy and sharing memories with your kids. It makes the world feel a little smaller and a lot safer, and it strengthens your sense of community in a bigger city. Hayden’s family values and deep traditions needed to be front and center in their rebrand.


Increased enrollment the year following Hayden’s rebrand launch

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