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Sports Construction

We speak the language of sports. Mammoth is an elite team, intentionally assembled to change the trajectory of sports design and construction. We built our sports construction team with the focus of giving project owners a single solution for all of their sports facility needs.

With You From Opening Meeting To Opening Day

Mammoth consulting, design, and construction teams streamline communication, budgets, and timelines.


We maintain our own concrete, steel erection, and general construction teams to complete each service with precision.

Permits and Inspections

We take care of everything

Never sit in these meetings again!



The Bid Opening

You look across the table at five bidders. Three you’ve worked with before and hope to never work with again. One of them you’ve never heard of. One of them you had a good previous project with so you pray that they are the low bidder.


The Construction Progress Meeting

It’s the fifth progress meeting you’ve attended. Like the first four, the architect or GC have more change orders for you to approve because something was incorrectly designed or entirely omitted. So much for low bid.


Let-The-Finger-Pointing-Begin Meeting

Your field is holding water where it shouldn't. The finger-pointing begins between the architect, civil engineer, equipment vendor, control vendor, and installer. You don’t really care who fixes it at this point, you’re just tired of lingering issues that no one will fix.
Mammoth Commitment

The Mammoth Way

Mammoth provides a better experience for your sports construction project: There's only one finger to point with us. We stand behind every aspect of a project because we control every step of the project. Our architects, engineers and construction teams are integrated together to place the owners’ needs and budget at the forefront of every decision. Our holistic approach leaves no room for surprises.

Our Stats



sqft annually

Mammoth is the largest installer of synthetic turf in the United States. (Roughly the same floor space as the Pentagon)



We’ve worked all over the country (call us, Hawaii!)



The smallest project we’ve completed
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