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Sports Consulting

Mammoth Sports Consulting is your trusted partner. We’ll evaluate your program to tell you what’s going well and where your competition is beating you. We’ll be open and honest in feedback to improve your organization’s overall performance.

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Raise Your Game

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Mammoth understands the business side of sports. We have built successful, competitive athletics programs at every level, throughout the country.


Passion is the hallmark of sports. Receiving an impartial evaluation of your situation will make decision making clearer.


Our consulting team has seen it all and done everything more than once.

Why You should Hire a Consultant




An outside perspective is essential to a team’s growth and helps all parties see the bigger picture in a new light.



Dream bigger and build better. Your focus is your program. A consultant focuses on studying the landscape of your program’s competition.


Confidentiality & Trust

Shaping a competitive athletics program is no small feat. It’s stressful, tiring, and the work is never done. Have someone on your side who will listen and have your back, no matter the hurdles.


Custom Solutions

Your program is vying to stand out in a field of excellence. Make it attractive to students, athletes, coaches, staff, and fans with tailored messaging, thoughtful plans, and personal relationships.
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