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Master Planning

Master Planning makes your big ideas a reality, laying out a unified vision that makes the most of your limited space. Having a master plan ensures everyone is on the same page. It also controls costs and makes fundraising easier.

Birds Eye View Rendering

From Opening Meeting To Opening Day

Birds Eye View Rendering

We establish key lines of communication, expectations of deliverables, and project timelines. We sit down with leadership to establish overall goals and vision, and we listen to the people who will actively use the space.

A Shared Vision

A master plan casts a vision for leaders, donors, and athletes.

A Legacy With A Detailed Map

The detailed, step-by-step outline makes your long-term goal tangible.

Your Future Needs + Your Current Space



Visioning & Goals

We sit down with key leadership to establish the overall goals and vision for the institution. We will also establish clear lines of communication, expectations of deliverables, & critical timelines during this meeting.


Data Gathering & User Meetings

With clear goals established, we meet with coaches, students, staff, and community members to define facility needs. Analysis of current buildings begins in order for our team members to start design.


Program Verification

Review of the master programming document that reflects the needs established by the users. The program is an ever-evolving document that is adjusted regularly to direct the vision as owners see fit.


Test Concepts

This begins to put data into 3-D form. Mammoth will provide working visuals so leadership can get a look at the future vision and how it will work with their existing campus space.


Final Deliverable

The final plan will outline immediate and long-term needs. This includes a condition assessment for each building with cost estimates, programmatic evaluation of all spaces, and visual renderings.
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