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Fundraising Consulting

Big projects often have big bottom lines — but that shouldn’t stand in the way of building the project of your dreams. Create a fundraising plan that motivates and inspires your audience to give back to your community by giving to your project.

Making The Ask

#1 Reason Donors Give

They were asked. Donors rarely give without a need being presented or an ask being made.

1st To Give

Former players are the most likely to give first to a project and recruit other funders.

A Playbook For Fundraising

Mammoth Sports Consulting has helped lead capital campaigns for all levels of athletics. They will deliver the confidence and a consistent plan to reach your fundraising goals.  

It Takes Everyone

Fundraising is a team effort. Every coach should be part of the process.

Paint A Vision

Donors want to know where their money is going and how it will support the athletic department’s vision.

The Fundraising Cycle



Know Your Donor

Understand who supports your cause.


Plan Your Approach

Identify the best channels to approach your potential donors.


Make The Ask

Be clear and specific about what you want donors to do.


Show Your Appreciation

Thank donors for their gift and show they’ve made a difference.


Keep Up The Conversation

Share stories to inspire further support.
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