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Athletics Feasibility Studies

An athletics feasibility study helps to answer questions about reclassification or programmatic changes to a department. Mammoth Sports Consulting provide objective data supported by years of hands-on experience.

OU fitness center

Confident Decision-Making Through Honest Assessment

OU fitness center

Questions of reclassification, departmental performance, and programmatic feasibility can affect athletic departments for years to come. Mammoth’s consulting team understand the business side of small college athletics better than anyone.

Transitioning To A New Classification

We will assess a move based on influencing factors of cost, competition, travel, and academic fit in order to determine what is best for institutions.

Changes To Sports Offerings

Adding or removing sports after looking into all aspects of finances, facilities, personnel, student welfare, and enrollment growth and considering objectively provided facts.

Better Decision Making




Comparison and analysis of options available to the department. Fiscal, Facility, and Title IX considerations.



Staff and support system changes required to make any transition. Addresses impact on the student-athlete recruitment, retention, and competitiveness.


Recommendation & Timelines

If a change is deemed appropriate, we will provide a recommendation backed by successful experience with a reasonable timeline for implementation.
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