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Good creative is about making something look cool and meeting your needs through purpose-driven solutions. We make smart plans actionable, and our finished projects can be seen in every corner of the country.

hayden creative

Creative You Feel In Your Bones

hayden creative

Mammoth Creative Co. uses art and strategy to create powerful inspiration. We connect audiences to brands to spark action in a meaningful way.

Smart Words

Campaign development, marketing plans, naming, public relations, key messaging.

Design Nerds

Branding, content creation, brand activation, graphic design.

People Hate Advertising

For years advertising has preyed upon insecurities with promises of simple solutions for unhappiness.

But they love to be entertained.

Good stories that define a brand’s values capture imaginations and inspire loyalty.

The Key is Being Real

It’s about uncovering what is real and showing it to the world, not creating something that doesn’t exist.

Give Them A Reason To Believe

People don’t buy into brands; they buy what they stand for. Stand for something.

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