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The Kansas Experience Is A Salute To The Stars

Mammoth was born in Kansas, and we jump at every chance we get to show off our home. The goal of Kansas Tourism is to inspire visitors and residents to explore the wonders of Kansas. The To The Stars campaign highlights the big ideas and big personalities central to the identity of Kansas, and is loved by both in-state and out-of-state traveling audiences. It salutes the Kansas experience to the dreamers, to the adventurers, to the artists, to the wide-eyed wanderers. To The Stars.

To the stars

Capturing The Heart Of The Heartland

To the stars

Kansas has a history of surprising people. We love fast cars and slow-cooked brisket. We touch the sky but stay grounded in the things that matter most. We live out loud and embrace the solace of silence. We conquer rocks and celebrate on the rocks. We ride like the wind and live for the water. Our story is not everyone else’s story — and we like it that way.


To Inspire Travel To And Throughout Kansas


From urban sprawl and cosmopolitan culture to rugged countryside and rustic charm, Kansas offers something for everybody to treasure. It’s the reason so many transplants tell of instantly feeling so at home and at ease in their new surroundings. Kansas Tourism needs a brand voice that welcomes all to wander the state’s wonders.

The Statement Piece

Ad Astra Per Aspera is the state’s motto, meaning “to the stars through difficulty.” It’s a phrase all Kansans learn in school and is engrained in our culture, yet its meaning had never before been fully explored. We chose to pull from the equity the phrase already holds and build on its prominence.

Vacation In Kansas

It works because of its dreamy qualities. To The Stars is a call to escape into the night air and gaze upward at the spackled glow originating millions of lightyears away. Directly applied, it means: Come explore the place where the stars shine bright, and reach new places only seen in your dreams.


Brand impressions generated on Facebook and YouTube within the first year of To The Stars campaign


Increase in Kansas Tourism media budget from FY2020 to FY2024 to build on branding that brings results

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